Insanity Alert – Glorious Thrash

Glorious Thrash official music video. Download our demo ‘First Diagnosis’ for FREE!
First Diagnosis (2012)

Glorious we’ll rise…

Spit out by humanity, embraced by the devil
We’re taking this shit to a whole different level
Let the forces of evil awaken the dead
Fear the strength of the thrashers who only see red
Glorious we’ll rise

Thrash, glorious thrash, glorious thrash, glorious thrash!

Drunk, weed-infested, and slightly insane
Like the deadliest virus attacking the brain
An army of zombies and creatures alike
Slaughter all who resist, turn the day into night
Glorious we’ll rise

Victory is ours
No one will survive
Corpses in the streets
Glorious we’ll rise